Rushford Genetics &
The Future of Hemp

Having a decent yield for a season is good, having a fruitful crop for many years to come – that’s GREAT! Here at Rushford Genetics that’s exactly what we are creating. We do the research and development for you to ensure your industrial hemp crop is fruitful time and time again. We aren’t just concerned with providing you good seeds for the season, we are dedicated to developing high quality industrial hemp for this season, next season, and future generations to come.

High CBD Hemp

Although it may seem like CBD is now everywhere you look, finding high quality, terpene-rich, high-CBD hemp is no easy task. With the recent boom in the industrial hemp farming industry comes a whole sector of new hemp farmers, growing and selling yields from their industrial hemp crops despite never having grown hemp before. Clones are being over produced and used, and CBD quality in large portion of the crops being grown today is lacking.

Additionally, research and scientific knowledge in the cannabis industry is way behind in proportion to the rate at which cannabis has grown into a multi-billion-dollar global industry over the past few years. The decades of governmental red tape around cannabis farming has created so many restrictions for researchers trying to study the properties and products of cannabis, that what the industry as a collective knows about this crop is greatly lacking compared to other high-value industrial cash crops.

At Rushford Genetics our extensive experience in the hemp industry gives us a unique insight into developing high-end hemp with high CBD potency. We are creating high CBD hemp with terpene diversity, and we have varieties of hemp that no one else in the industry has. We aren’t cloning high CBD plants of others resulting in overused and overexposed crops that are open to attack from pests and disease. We are using studying and developing quality seeds, resulting in unique and new high CBD strains that flourish into useful and lucrative plants.

Genetic Diversity

One of the biggest areas other geneticists and farmers are failing at when it comes to large-scale hemp farming is with genetic diversity. Without a diverse genetic background your crop can fall victim to attack from pests and disease. Over breeding, over planting, and stagnant strains allow pests and diseases to build up immunities and gives way to the development of “superbugs” – strains of bacteria or evolved pests that become resistant to the majority of defense mechanisms available to hemp farmers.

Even a novice hemp farmer should know that pesticides are off limits when it comes to hemp crops, therefore coupling natural pest control methods with a genetically diverse and varying crop is key to producing impressive yields year after year. At Rushford Genetics we are creating plants with the necessary genetic diversity to resist pests, resists disease, and prevent the formation of crop superbugs.

We firmly believe that the future of hemp lies with seeds. So, while many other geneticists and industrial hemp farmers are using clones, we are putting our focus into creating high-quality seeds. Through the discovery phase of our research and development we are generating cutting-edge seed strains that no one else in the industry has. With over 140 varieties of hemp on hand, genetic diversity is an area we’ve mastered, yet one we continue to strengthen through continued research and development.

With genetic diversity comes the ability to create seeds intended for specific hemp products and with specific capabilities. For example, we’ve created a bio-fuel strain that is better fit for bio-fuel production than other seeds and that has the capability for scale! We’ve discovered seeds that are better for terpene extraction than others and we’ve strengthened these by discovering which terpenes breed the best and locating the best methods to extract terpenes from your crop.

Terpene Diversity

Cannabis resin can contain hundreds of various terpene and cannabinoid metabolites, many of which have yet to be conclusively identified. Overall, the understanding of these genomic and biosynthetic systems within the metabolites of cannabis are elementary throughout the entire hemp industry. As a result, there is widespread concern about a lack of consistency when it comes to terpene and cannabinoid composition of various cannabis strains. We are diving full force into research and development on terpene diversity, meeting industry demand with cutting edge discoveries.

We have created crops intended solely for terpene production and extraction, and they are thriving. Additionally, we have discovered that certain strains have a terpene profile better for resistance than others, allowing us to increase these specific terpenes during breeding, resulting in crops that are more resistant to pests and disease than others.

In addition to monitoring terpene content and breeding for certain resistances, we’re also paving the way to breeding crops for specific climates. For example, farmers residing in areas with red clay soil have found it near impossible to produce a healthy hemp crop – that is until they found Rushford Genetics and our advanced genetic discoveries. Through careful research, experimentation, purposeful development and meticulous breeding we are creating varieties of hemp that can survive in various climates and soils.

Let Us Do the Work for You

At Rushford Genetics our failures are your successes. Through every failed experiment, every breed that turns out differently than intended, we find success for you by narrowing down what works and what doesn’t. We are focusing on increasing feed and fiber options for you so you can focus on feeding quality hemp to the world. We are dedicated to discovering the exct seed for your hemp needs, if you are dedicated to growing quality, terpene rich, genetically diverse hemp plants. When we fail, you succeed – and so does your crop – and in our world that’s a win for both of us!